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Savani Transports Pvt Limited, the pioneers in surface transport was established in the year 1942. It is a flagship of Savani Group. Our commitment to customer satisfaction with an integrated solution to customer needs has made us a well known name in the transport industry. We look back at the journey we have completed with pride and the journey one ahead with hope, continuously striving towards excellence.

At the time of the Silver Jubilee celebration in 1967, we had a network of 101 branches. A decade after the Silver Jubilee in the year 1977, Savani Transport had added 100 more branches, a total of 201. The company celebrated it's Golden Jubilee in 1992. The year 2002 marks the Diamond Jubilee year.

Savani Transports Pvt Limited has over 310 branches and offers highly economic, fast and reliable cargo services all over India. STPL has a large fleet of Trucks / LCVs including containerized vehicles, which provide added safety for your high value cargo. Besides, all our main branches in major cities and towns are fully RCC constructed with platforms for safe loading/unloading and fully weather proof which ensures safety of your goods.

Whether it is the handling of general, heavy duty or volumetric cargo through surface movement, providing door-to-door distribution for time committed high value cargo, handling coastal shipping needs or giving logistics solutions to automobile industry in specific and other users in general. Systems have been developed over the years to ensure that each cargo is carefully handled and securely delivered.

STPL is fully equipped to handle your bulk/FTL (full truck load) movements from anywhere to anywhere. Our Network of company owned offices makes us closest to any source of raw material or any plant or any customer in the country. We offer unique advantage as:

  • Multi location / single point billing
  • Multimodal movements

For Small / LTL (less than truck load) transportation requirement the branch network ensures that deliveries can be made in every district of the country. The size of the cargo does not matter. We offer unique advantage as:

  • Multiple deliveries from single location
  • Standardised billing and rate structure
  • Containerised movement for high value cargo

Core Services:
  • Sundry Parcel Service
  • Bulk Transportation
  • Turnkey Projects
  • ODC (Odd Dimensional Cargo)
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • C & F (including Delivery Against Collection of Payment)

  • Service Highlights:
    (1) Service delivery to all over India.
    (2) Next day to 9 days delivery profile.
    (3) Containerized movement on major routes.
    (4) In-city booking and delivery offices in all cities and major towns.
    (5) Customized service packages to fit each client's need.
    (6) Transaction through Banks.

    1. "Savani" well established brand name.
    2. More than 60 years experience.
    3. Branch network all over India.
    4. Efficient Fleet Operation.
    5. Dedicated Work Force.
    6. Infrastructure of Godowns.
    Our Infrastructure:

    Our Godowns



    Our Fleet



    Our Service Station

    Business Inquiry   |   Lorry Receipt   |   Branch List   |   State-wise Branch

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